Spring “TREE” Cleaning


INSPECTION: The annual safety inspection of trees is a crucial service in eliminating the danger and damage caused by  falling limbs. Spring is an excellent time to have on of our arborists walk your property and discuss your seasonal and long term tree care. Many landscapes benefit from the increased filtered light that proper pruning offers. Are your deck and pool areas in need of more light? As time passes landscaped areas outgrow their original design that properly balances light and shade. Let us work with you and provide your property more light in a professional way that encourages that continual health of all of your landscape plantings and trees.

PROTECTION: We offer a product Mosquito Drunk that kills larvae in standing water and is harmless to aquatic life. Our certified Pesticide Applicators can spray your property to control mosquitoes both in larvae and adult states.

Lyme disease carrying Ticks can be successfully controlled through periodic sprays. We have witnessed excellent results over the years to encourage all our customers to protect their families with very efficient products.

INJECTION: Our Organic Nutrition Product applied through the inoculation of tree roots or as a foliar spray is the single most important service you can provide for your trees. The potent product a blend of vitamins, minerals and beneficial fungi. Organic Nutrients improve the efficiency of feeder root systems and offer dramatic results in the following:

  • Recovery of Declining Mature Trees
  • Higher Transplant Survival Rates
  • Less Damage from the Drought Stress
  • Protection from Disease Problems
  • Healthier Appearance and Growth

Mill River Tree Service

Mill River Tree Services. 203-966-8591. 914-764-8291. PO Box 606. New Canaan, CT 06840.

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